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Asus P5GDC with TWINX3200LLPT


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Early this year I purchased a gig of TWINX3200LLPT ram with the intention of installing it on an Asus P4C800 board. I waited for the Prescott chips to be available and by then the Grantsdale chipset had been anounced. I'm now considering buying the Asus P5GDC board and need to know whether my ram will work with this board and if so what timings are recommended.
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Welcome to the forums, kloveland!


Yes, that memory will work, all the P5GDC models support both DDR-1 and DDR-2, but be careful, as the P5GD2 does NOT support DDR-1 and is the same i915 chipset!


Be sure to read the specs!


However, ASUS i915 boards natively support DDR600 with an 800FSB and you'd only be running DDR400, 450 at best with that memory so you're going to lose a lot of performance by running DDR-1 instead of DDR-2 and I'd reccommend upgrading (even waiting awhile, then upgrading, etc)




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The manual to the motherboard says 512 meg works fine from corsair, but they don't mention the 1 Gb 533 from corsair..


The screen is blank and the harddrive doesnt check up..just spinn so I guess this is a typically mem prob.


I get mad, cos the swedish http://www.datorbutiken.com didn't mention this..I specefied this question before I bought the parts together.


Or am I wrong?


Jorgen Lof :mad:

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