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H70 - has my pump failed?


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Core-i7 860

Gigabyte motherboard

Corsair H70 cooler

Windows 7 64bit ultimate




I've installed the H70 for a year now, and my system has been running beutifully. Only recently did this problem start. I use Realtemp to show my CPU temperature at all times. On average, my idle temp is between 25-35C (depending on ambient temperature). On heavy loads it goes to maybe 60C


Every night, I put my computer to sleep (I almost never shut it down before going to bed). Recently, when I resume it the next day, I see the CPU temperature steadily climbing. Going past 50, 55, 60, 65, at which point I immediately shut down my system. (power off)


After turning on my PC again, I go into the BIOS to make sure the temperature appears normal, and if it is and then I load Windows normally. If not, then I turn of my computer again, and try again later.


I paid close attention to the fans on both side of the radiator, and they both are running fine when I re-start my system. So I suspect that the pump itself has stopped working; but what is strange if there was an issue with the pump, it is not a consistent issue. Sometimes I can load to windows just fine and temperatures are normal and I can do all my usual computing tasks.


Has this behavior been documented? Any suggestions? Is my H70 on its way to being completely dead?

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Check the pump's RPM in the BIOS.


Where does this show in the BIOS?


Here's what I have, under "PC Health Status" section of BIOS:


Current CPU FAN Speed = 1541 RPM

Current System Fan Speed = 0 RPM (!!!)


Is that the culprit? the "Current System Fan Speed" ? What is weird is that even though this is showing 0RPM, I confirm both fans on either side of the radiator is spinning.

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Where is the pump's power header connected to?

If its CPU_FAN it will be under CPU fan Speed

If its Chassias_FAN it will be under Chassis fan speed.


The pump power cable is connected to "SYS_FAN"


So I guess there is something wrong with the sys_fan header on my mobo, since it is showing 0rpm...


What should be the RPM of the pump?

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