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Ramguy's [John] Holiday Appreciation Thread


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this is to tell ramguy [john] that we appreciate all the assistance he has provided to everyone and wish you the best to you this holiday season.

you have shown unwavering help to anyone in need and many times going out of your way to help,spending your personal time to help those in need.

you deserve a nice bonus in your stocking this year

so come on guys let john know how well of an effort he has provided


this is his thread so no work related issues here please

john,may this holiday season be kind to you and your family this year


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LOL thanks guys I do appreciate it very much and I would like to wish you gentlemen and everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new Year.



My Boss wanted me to be more Merry around the office and suggested I dress up as Santa, My reply was how about Jason as Santa.

My Boss replied if I brought a chainsaw to work I would be fired. ;-)

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Seriously guys, what is wrong with you people !! I was appreciating RAM GUY and was thankful to him and you deleted my post !! This is totally uncalled for. What is the reason ? Every time you people delete my post. What was wrong ? At least have the courtesy to tell me. It takes time to type all of that which you deleted in one single click.
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