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Obsidian CC650DW-1 Fan controller


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Hi guys, I'm about to build a new system with the 650DW-1 case and an Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe motherboard. Since the motherboard has a BIOS built in fan controller, I was wondering if it is possible to override the Corsair case fan controller (not connect it at all) and use the mobo instead to control the fans thru the BIOS/Software.


Also, in case I'm forced to use the case's controller, it comes with 4 plugs, but the case comes with 3 fans. Do I have to connect any specific plug from those 4 or can I choose randomly?



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aisuite will work but there are fans that it will only set at one speed and not on a curve


Is that because the AI Suite is not compatible with the Corsair stock fans? What fans work fine with the AI Suite?


The CC650DW"-1" contains the fixed fan controller.


Are you 100% sure? Any sources?

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