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Ahhhh 800D power button broken after first use


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blinding rage has overcome me.

just spend the entire day swapping my system out of my HAF X to my new 800D, which i was in love with till about 10 mins ago.

i went to turn it on for the first time and the power button got stuck, i took the front panel to see that the button (which was attached with some dental floss like plastic) had broken, now it jams ever time its used, and i have to take the front panel of to reset the button back to its undepressed position.

the rest of the case is golden, only the front panel would need to be replace to fix this problem.

can someone in the know tell me if i can just RMA the front panel?

if i have to replace the entire case i will be so livid i cannot explain, i will almost certainly never buy another corsair product and i will forever curse their name (unless of course they send someone to my house to refit my system for me, or i am compensated with copious amounts of corsair swag).

a note, im not some heavy handed slack jaw, the button was poorly designed and it broke with a pitiful amount of force.

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