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Registering: Vengeance 1500 Problems.


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I bought an unit from Amazon.fr, and this came with the knows problems.


1: Clacking: Hearing "Clacks" everywhere.

2: Microphone TOOOOOOO loud noise in background voice.

3: Hearing a strange noise when change folders, actions in Windows.

4: "White noise"... Little noise in the speakers in some situations.


All in just 1 unit =)


Tryed to reinstall, install, with drivers, without drivers, external softwares, and nothing... same problems.


I will return this unit to Amazon.fr to receive another...


Praying to doesn't come with problems, because I what I have read of Corsair RMA's dalays, didn't make me very happy.



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Were you ever able to try the original headset in a different machine?


Yeah, tried on my machine with windows and Linux... tried in other windows machines and I gave a chance for a friend's MacBook too.

The white noise and the background were every time there in all.

The windows, got all 4 problems every time.

Linux/Mac without driver, without strange noises and clacks.

I got a new one from Amazon, with the same problems 2, 3 and 4... the problem 1 was absent.


Returned and will try and to receive my cash back.


Maybe I'm lucky enough to get that 2 times or you guys from corsair really have a serious driver problem that you should pay more attention, in both cases... I won't try again.


I got an Beyer DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm + Zalma ZM-MIC1, instead...





Forgot to comment... The "clacks", problem 1, was present just when the driver wasn't installed.

When the driver wasn't installed the problem 1 shows up and the problem 3 varnish.

When the driver was installed the problem 3 shows up.

The problem 2 and 4 was there every time, with/without drivers.

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