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Bricked my k90


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So as the title says i wanted to start streaming today so i thought id finally install the keyboard drivers so i can use the hotkeys for scenes and sources.


After updating the keyboard FIRMWARE the lights never came back on and ive tried reinstalling corsair drivers, windows drivers nothing is working.


I did send an rma ticket but i never saved the ticket, should i just wait for a email reply? i dont want to spam the ticket system with something as trivial as an rma.


Also ive got this peculiar issue with my c70 case, the reset button stays depressed after i use it once, i have to take off the front face and jiggle it back on to get the plunger bit to make contact with the front panel reset header. And then after one push it stays depressed again, i really dont want to rma my case but is there a workaround or something i can do to get the button properly functioning?


Ive only had this new system about 2 weeks now im just a little annoyed at the keyboard more than anything.


Thanks for the help in advance

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