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Recommendation for next line of Corsair Cases


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First off sorry if there is another thread for this.


I thought I would start a thread of what the community would like in a case. I currently own the 800d and the 550d and love both of them for their own reasons. But there is always room for improvement. I will start with an improvement I would like to see in the case and then open it up to the rest of the community.


Oh and though it's not required I would recommend offering an idea for a case that would benefit the community not just your individual build and provide your reasoning for it.



Ok so my suggestion and I will use the 800d as an example:

Would be to swap out the line holes and grommets in the lower shelf or power supply compartment for the oval holes and grommets. This would pertain to any case that had a scenario like this.



Usually in areas like this and in my situation in particular you have multiple options for what you might mount that would have WC lines running to it. You could have a pump, radiator etc... In my case I put a 140mm radiator and the barbs were too wide for the predrilled holes. I made the bends pretty tight but in the end I am considering dremelling the holes out and swapping the grommets out for the oval ones. Although it's not a huge deal I think this is one of those things that in a new case would be easy to add and not imposing on the design.





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I own a 700D and I'm the guy who started the "It's October 33rd ..." thread because I would really, really like a case where I can have both 5-6 HDD slots plus dual radiators. Also:


  • case wheels, painted black of course in the same finish as the 800D case itself.
  • front-mounted eSATA ports
  • a no-window version of any future case (or at least the ability to buy a solid side)
  • mounting clips in the "bottom" of the case for all the wires we run there.
  • A deeper "bottom" so that thick wire bundles don't make the case side bulge out
  • a drive bay front plate with a cutout for 3 1/2" drive bay devices, like a card reader
  • mount for SSD
  • extension cables for the 24-pin and 8-pin power supply leads

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