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PC4000 (TwinX) and 2.6C -extreme fsb, upgrade?

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Hey guys,


I have found worthless info or conflicting stuff on other forums, so I figured I would go to the source.


I have a 2.6C that I have at 260FSB at 1:1, on PC4000 Ram v1.1. But I had to up the volts to 2.9.


The problem is the wall I hit around 255fsb, (the push to 260 was where I need the extra volts), the memory itself though will not run in any divider 5:4 or 3:4,even set a lower fsb.


So is it time for me to find some better RAM? The CPU is not the bottleneck, and I want to push this system to the extreme, any thoughts?


Anything that can run over 255 in 1:1? or with a divider? My board is the ic7-max3 btw...



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