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Nforce chipset sata III work around


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As so many people have the issue of Nforce based sata controllers running @ sata 1.5 when installing sandforce based ssd's


I have done the fallowing to force the controller to run @ sata 3.0 Gbs speeds.


However it will not get much past 200MB/s it is still far better then the 100-130MB/s most ppl experience.


What I did is put the SSD into an external esata enclosure that is rated @ Sata 2 (the one I used is a Velocity Elite. I now have 220MB/s sustained and 250MB/s burst, Seek time of 0.2ms has not changed.


This is on my 780I based Stryker II Formula.


It is not the best walk around but it does work. and cost me about $20.00 Canadian. However I do wish Corsair would relese a Sata II only firmware or a means to lock the drive to sata II


The HDD I am using is the Force 3 120GB.

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