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URGENT : HX1050 Voltage Levels


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Hi all.


Couple of weeks ago my PC just rebooted, no BSOD, was just as if someone pulled the plug and pushed in back in.


It has done this a couple of times since, and I had not discovered the reason.


Today I press the power button..

I get the fans spin up for maybe 3 seconds then it goes dead,

Self reboots and does it again, and again and again...


I suspect a power issue, and try to push all the cables in more firmly (although none of them move and they all deem correctly in place).


I reboot and manage to get into BIOS to check RAM / CPU settings etc (all correct), and as a matter of chance I look at the hardware monitor.


In RED it reports:


12V line: 14.160

5V line: 6.056

3.3V line: 2.832


Now I have been told that the only good way to test is with a multimeter...but this seems excessive.


Is it likely to be the cause of my problems? and is it dangerous of my system to be running with these values?


Does the PSU have a self test and could this rebooting be the result of a POST failure?

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oes the PSU have a self test and could this rebooting be the result of a POST failure?

No it does not, but you can run the paperclip test found in the sticks on the main PSU forum page and then check the voltages from the molex and SATA cables.


However, I would first try reseating the 24 pin connector on the MB and then check your voltages in the BIOS again. If they are the same, I would have the PSU RMA'd


You by any chance are not using a 24 pin extension cable with your PSU are you? I have seen cases where the extension cables have gone bad causing those readings like that.

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Sent in an RMA today.

When returning a PSU does anyone know, should I send back the modular cables etc as well or just the PSU?

Also if I send it back in the original packaging, with it be returned in original packaging? Sounds a bit weird but I don't like loosing the boxes.

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Okay...so...I changed my mind on the RMA based on peanutz post seeing I use a 24pin extender.

I wanted to be 100% sure.

UP to today everything was working fine again with no problems, but today I hit voltage spikes.

Only a couple of days before I had the case open...suspicious.

Anyway I discovered wiggling where the extender joins the main cable can cause the voltage to seemingly fluctuate, and I guess closing the case panel can pin the connector slightly.


Running perfectly fine now with the case panel off, but I can't leave it off forever...so...any suggestions?

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