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300R raised standoffs


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Hi folks


I am looking to purchase the 300R case today. However I have an issue.


The 300R has 9 raised standoffs and one brass center standoff. My issue is with the standoff I have circled in red below:




My Asus mainboard does not have a screw hole in this position so my worry is the preinstalled standoff will touch the underside of the motherboard.


Are these standoffs removable?


Also, maybe its a myth but I was always advised that preinstalled/raised standoffs were a recipe for system boards shorting. Is this true?


Thanks for your help.

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Well, that photo is wrong :)


I've just built a PC inside a new 300R today, where you placed the red circle - there's just a threaded hole and you get one standoff that you can screw in there if your mobo has a screw hole there, or leave it as it is if your mobo doesn't have a mounting hole there. I'm used a rather heavy GPU so I happily mounted a screw there for added weight support.

Also, the one dummy stud that comes pre-installed is different than the one in this photo, it's a black stud with plastic tip, like the ones in, for example, Graphite 600T cases. It's removable so you can replace it with a threaded stand-off if you wish.


And that's a myth, or rather a misunderstanding. Look at ATX formats, there are optional holes, which would require a removable stud, and there are mandatory mounting holes, which can be made permanent if the case is to support only those listed standard boards.

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This is my mainboard:




The photo of the case I have show is from review samples early 2012.


Maybe someone from Corsair can confirm if the cases that ship now don't have this raise standoff that I have circled in red.

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Are you buying online or in-store? I'd explain to a store employee that you'd need to see it out of the box before purchase if it's in a store.


However, I think wlw_w has got you covered as well as any Corsair rep might. He stated that he had a new 300R - and that it was yesterday!


Maybe you could ask where he got his and you could order from the same store...

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I would make an actual photo for you, but I already built the PC in it so I can't show you the mobo tray. Well, I can, just from the back side, which clearly shows the stand-offs. I'll do that in a minute.

The fact that I just bought it and received it yesterday doesn't mean that it's been made very recently. Let's see. The sticker on the case, which I assume is the lot#, says 12429736, which would mean 42nd week of 2012, which was mid-October.


And I'm not really sure if he would like to be ordering from Poland just to make sure he gets one of these ;) I believe this is the current revision and they all come like this.

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Yesterday I was in a grocery store - I saw the clear white flexible plastic adhesive dots, felt adhesive dots, and even cork adhesive dots. They were in the housewares section, sold as furniture protectors, and very inexpensive.


I immediate thought back to this thread. I'd personally go with either felt or cork, myself.


My worry with electrical tape is that a sharp bit of solder on the bottom of the motherboard could scratch through and make contact with the case.

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