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Should I enable TRIM


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I have installed a Neutron GTX 240GB on my iMac and it's been working great. However, as Apple is being a jerk as always, it does not support TRIM on third party SSD drives by default. I have to use a tool named Trim Enabler to use it.


My question is, should I? Cause I read a couple of times that OWC does not recommend enabling TRIM on SSDs with Sandforce chips. They say the garbage collection handles cleanup pretty well. As far as I know, Garbage Collection and TRIM complement each other. But you know, those guys are building SSDs to so they should know better than me.


Should I just go ahead and enable it using the tool?



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In case anyone is interested,


I've my drive running with TRIM enabled on Mountain Lion since the first post. Everything seems ok and disk performance is really great. Seems like it's ok to use the "hacky" TRIM solution.

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