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Force3 120 died on me


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Since I didn't find an other way to contact Corsair in an other way I decided to post it here, to find out if this is the way everyone is to be treated in case of RMA.


I've returned my SSD to Corsair via the store (where I bought it) and Corsair has kindly credited my SSD in no less than 3 weeks. The issue with this is that it's been credited for no more than half of the value that I bought it :mad: .


Of course SSD's have dropped in value but the mere €75 offered can barely allow me to buy an SSD of halve its capacity. I have a lot of corsair products and they haven't failed me yet. But! Is this the way I can expect my other products to be warranted?


I hope that all of this is just a mistake and corsair will contact me..

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Did you purchase it directly from us or from a reseller?

And the Phone number is listed under contact on http://www.corsair.com so maybe you missed that and I would suggest calling whom ever you purchased it from and take this up with the reseller directly. If you purchased it directly from us it will state that clearly on the purchase invoice and our phone number is listed on that invoice.


So no that is likely not Corsair irregardless of what the reseller told you.

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