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BIOS cant find my ssd any more.


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I got 2xCorsair Force GT 120 GB I did setup them in raid and its bean working really nice for about a year now. I bean really happy with the setup and the ssd disk them self.



Like 3 months ago I got a blue screen in windows (I was not on the computer at the time of the blue screen) Rebooted the computer and can't find one the ssd disk in the bios any more long story short I found a forum that suggested that I remove the power and bios battery and that solved the problem.


Now I got a other blue screen and now I can't find the ssd in the bios any more, I have removed the power and bios battery and changed cabals but still it does not show up in the bios. I have try all I can think about but I can't get it to show up in my bios I have try the ssd disk on my laptop same problem there (it use really long time under bios post) my desktop does not use any time at all just says not found. The other ssd disk works fine never hade a problem with it, I did flash my bios with out any luck still I can't find the ssd disk in the bios.


One more ting I noticed the disk getting hot, the other ssd disk is not hot.


Any ides ?



Part Number: CSSD-F120GBGT-BK

Other number in not sure what is: c120g11481073


It has the original firmware that came with the disk.


Now if this is a warranty issue, I have a problem as I'm from Norway and got the disk there but I live in Cambodia and don't plan to travel back to Norway for a other 2 years. Is there a option for me to ship it direct to Taiwan ? The biggest problem with this is no way to get a disk like this in Cambodia :(



Willing to try most tings to get the disk working ones more.

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