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Dell Studio xps 16 1640 from 2009 mem upgrade to 8gb


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I want to upgrade my laptop to 8 Gb since this is the maximum amount of ram I can have (please do tell me if someone have been able to run it with 16 gb:sunglasse ). Now 2 times a row I contacted dell and they say that I already have the maximum amount of ram 4096 mb!.

I just cant belive its true since I read a lot of posts about this, so I "just" wonder what the right corsair modul I should buy to get 8 Gb or more in total.


Yes I have windows 7 64 bit operation system, yes I have flashed the latest bios A15.


In bios settings I cant adjust the memory timings, I just can see it so I have of course prepared and looked around and this is what I can find:


On Corsairs memory suggestion tool I get this:

Corsair Memory—8GB(2 x 4GB)DDR3 SODIMM Memory (CMSO8GX3M2A1333C9)

DDR3-1333 (PC3-10600) SODIMM





But then I think that, I dont think my system is compatible with 1333 memory, just 1067 or....?


Then there is this other memory I found:


Corsair Memory—8GB Dual Channel DDR3 SODIMM Memory Kit (CM3X8GSDKIT1066)

Memory Type:DDR3

Speed Rating:PC3-8500 (1066MHz)

Tested Latency:7-7-7-20



Now this memory seems to both have 1067 and an spd at 1333 and well, I really is confused here, on what modul I should buy, Is there a memory from corsair that is compatible. Im a bit worried since I cant adjust the memory timings in bios, I can only see the speed rating. I have attached a CPU-Z information about the system chipset memory and so on (the videocard on this is 3670 with 512 mb ram).


I hope someone out there can help, thanks.


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It's going to boil down to what processor you have in your laptop.


That laptop uses the pm45 chipset which would limit your memory to 4 gigs. So DELL would be correct, you can not upgrade to an 8 gig set.


If you would have had the PM or HM55 chipset with the Intel I-5 or I-7 processor you would have been able to upgrade to an 8 gig set.

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Well, I do have litte difficult to "accept" this, sorry.


Thats just because when I bought this laptop you could updrade the memory to 8gb but it was way to expensive so I settled for 4gb. Well, the processor in this machine is an intel T9400, actually a very good processor, so I ask you again (sorry) if this processor could change the situation. I also thinking of way dell offfered that 1640 laptop with 8gb ram, did those models had a different motherboard chipset cause then I stuck with 4gb and have to accept this. Thank you for the answear.

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The issue is that currently most DDR3 DRAM production is made with 512M X 8 memory IC's and your system or chipset will only support memory made with 256M X 8 memory IC's and most 4.0 Gig modules and larger use 512M X 8 memory IC's. If you can find modules made with the mower density IC's they will cost more per meg but they should work. However I do not think we would have anything that you can sue in that system larger than 2.0 Gig modules sorry!

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