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Problems with my Corsair 400R


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So I ordered myself a new Corsair 400R last week from amazon. I'm not sure if there was a quality control issue with Corsair or what is going on but when I recieved the case I have noticed the following issues:


1) I have no rubber fan grommets or screws like Ive seen in reviews of this case. So I have no way to mount my fans, Im using double stick tape so I can at least get the OS installed and the system working.

2) The button on the front of the case that is supposed to turn the leds on and off from the front fans does not work at all. I checked both the 4pin Molex that powers the front panel and the connection to the fans, the fans power up and run normally but the led function does not work. I used a DVOM to test the actual switch itself and it is functioning normally, so I think Ive gotten two non working led fans in the front.

3) The thin foam dust filter that is in the plastic front panel is totally missing, I checked the box and all packaging and stripped the case completely bare.


Im a long time self admitted corsair fanboy, love their power supplys and ram like no other. Sadly Im so disappointed when I had such high expectations of this case. My build for next week was going to include a 800D but now Im just not sure I want to tempt fate and end up missing some vital hardware again.


I certainly hope corsair stands behind their cases like their RAM and PSUs.



-Travis Wilson, Lead Engineer, Comprodigy Validation & Design

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by rubber grommets I mean there are none on the case period and there are no fan screws, I also would really like to have the dust filter since those fans in the front are intakes and I dont want all that dirt being pulled into my case.


I need to clarify I do have 4 rubber grommets and 4 fan screws that were preinstalled for the black corsair fan that came preinstalled with the case. But other than that I have no grommets or fan screws. Really aggravating considering this build was for a tech review in a local newspaper. On the other side of things I find it amusing that Ive got ~$2000 worth of parts and Im waiting on a $0.99 screw and grommet to make it all work lol


I attached pics of where the grommets should be, and of the type of screw and grommet that are missing.


And as far as requesting an RMA for the front I/O panel I dont think thats gonna solve the problem. As stated in my original post I checked all the connections and used a DVOM to verify that the switch itself is actually working. There is power going to the fans and the LEDs on the fans, I think maybe I just got some fans that have LEDs that aren't working.




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To start from the beginning, I decided several months ago to build a High End Gaming PC for a tech news article in my local newspaper. I've been writing this column on and off for about 2 years. I carefully selected all my parts and stuck firmly to my 2000.00 budget. I selected the Corsair 400R case to enclose this build. I ordered the case and it was shipped to me promptly. I opened the box upon receiving it and didn't notice any physical damage or missing parts initially. I was excited and began building my system. While assembling all my components I realized that Corsair did not ship any rubber case fan grommets or case fan mounting screws, I also notice the front panel button that is supposed to control the white front fan LEDs is not functioning, and that there was no dust filter included for the front two intake fans. I was a bit annoyed by all of this but I understand things like this happen.


On Dec 7th 2012, contacted Corsair via their website and let them know about my problems with my front I/O Panel, missing front dust filter, and missing case fan mounting screws and the rubber mounting grommets for my Corsair 400R case.


On Dec 9th 2012, I received a response from RAMguy who issued me a case number (Case #5361705) and saying that if I would e-mail him pictures of the rubber grommets and screws I needed he would be glad to help me.


On the same day, I sent the pictures to ramguy@corsair.com and elaborated further on my problems with the my case.


I waited and received no response from ramguy@corsair.com ever again.


On Dec 12th, 2012, after having received no response I contacted Corsair support via telephone. A very nice and polite representative answered and I explained my situation to him. He apologized for the lack of response and assured me he would get the situation resolved. He told me that they would get the missing parts and replacement I/O panel shipped to me as soon as possible. He told me an RMA# would be issued to me and I would get an email that said I needed to return my product, but that I should just disregard this message and didn't need to worry, they would ship my parts in 1-2 business days.


Later that day on Dec 12th, 2012, I received the email the representative told me about and disregarded it as I was instructed to do so.


Waited until Dec 17th, 2012, and expected to have a tracking number but had received no communication whatsoever. Called Corsair support once again, I talked to another representative who again apologized to me and reassured me he would solve the problem. He connected me to a "Parts Guy" and instructed me to tell this person exactly what I needed. So in great detail I explained exactly what was wrong with my case and exactly which parts were missing. He then explained to me, that the dust filter and I/O panel are not stocked parts and that I would have to wait a week before he could send them to me. But the case fan screws and grommets were part of a hardware kit and he could get them to me in a couple of days.


Later that day Dec 17th, 2012, I recieved a UPS tracking number and I thought all problems were resolved.


On Dec 23rd, 2012 I went out of town for the holidays.


On Dec 30th, 2012 I returned from holiday vacation.


I found the packages laying neatly at my doorstep and I opened them. Disappointment and frustration was immediate. I received an entire front fascia for my 400R MINUS the dust filter, no I/O panel whatsoever, and some kind of weird hardware kit that isnt even for mounting case fans.


At this point Im just SO SO angry. Does it really take this much effort to get Corsair to correct a problem? What am I doing wrong?

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So Today (Jan 4th, 2013) I got a package from Corsair containing a hardware kit with has the screws I need to mount my fans, but DOES NOT have the rubber grommets. It seems like its just one failure after another. This is definitely my last Corsair purchase.
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