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600T Case, Observations


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I am just completing a build with the 600T with an H100i cooler installed at the top. The mainboard does not allow me to have the H100i fans inside in the top mount location, so I placed them outside, under the mesh top. This looks like this was intended to fit, but the top mesh does contact and slightly deform the fit. I intend to leave it this way for now. I don't think it will cause any issues.


My other observation of this setup is that the mesh causes more fan noise as soon as it gets closer to the fans, it must be the way the air is pulled through the holes in the mesh with the fan so close. I had hoped for a quieter setup, I already have the fans set down all the way to 600rpm through the link software, temps still seem good, not sure if I will do much overclocking. I am considering some different fans, but I already have a considerable amount of money in the case/cooler/ps. It seems that the mesh should have had more clearance to the fans and maybe a removeable filter, like the front which may have disguised the fan noise, at the expense of a little air flow.


As for the front/top panel connections; it would have been better if the firewire (1394) was possibly a pass thru cable like the usb3 and maybe the usb3 should have been the multi-pin mainboard connection. It seemed strange to have to pass thru the usb3 connection when I did have a mainboard connection and then I had to find a pci 1394 card that had an internal multi-pin connection. I am glad I found one, most of the 1394 cards have the external type connector and many newer mainboards no longer have an internal 1394 connection, even if they do have one external. One of the reasons I purchased this case was for the top/front 1394 panel connection.


Overall, the hardware configuration and quality of the case and other Corsair hardware (H100i cooler, HX750 PS, Force GT SSD) seem to be some of the best available, just a couple of details from keeping it from being what I expected.

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On the top cover please use the link on the left and request an RMA and explain the issue with the fans, we can send a new mesh panel.


Many MB's come with a PCI to internal USB 20 Pin which you can use to connect the USB or there are options available third party.

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