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HX850 Gold, possible buzzing mystery solved


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So i've been having a problem with my PSU since i built my new computer several months back. The known buzzing sound has been occurring and driving me nuts. Recently i noticed a pattern with when the noise happens, but i kind of was just messing with my roommate. It was happening whenever he would come home, so teasingly i would blame him for the noise. When i say it would happen whenever he would come home, i mean every single time he got in the house it would happen. This past weekend he was gone for two days and not once did the noise come back.


Just this afternoon it happened again, but i noticed when he turned on the light to his room, the buzz of doom came on. So i had him flick the switch several time and just like that the buzz would come on. He turned the switch on and off several times and just like that, the noise would go on and off.


So i kind of narrowed down my problem. I live in a semi old house, mostly used by college students so i can imagine the wiring is a little "iffy," my question would be what is causing this problem to happen? I've yet to get a nice surge protector for my rig so i'll have to get one asap.


And finally, would the problem still be a cause of a faulty PSU that is reacting with the circuitry of my house in a bad way?

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