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K90 Possible fix for multiple key repeats


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I've not seen this particular possible solution mentioned yet, but it worked for me so just thought I would share.


Recently my K90 has been echoing 2, 3 or more characters when I only type 1. i.e. Feeeet instead of feet. This is termed by some as 'chattering'. It only seems to happen on some keys, certainly not all, and was fine when I first got it a year ago. Now, I keep my keyboard and desk area clean or so I thought but now I'm not so sure.


Basically, on the key or keys that are playing up, pop the cap off and press the top of the Cherry red switch down a few times with your finger and let it pop back up, blast it with some compressed air or similar and make sure there is no dust build up or a hair caught or something underneath. I think whats happening is that the stem of the switch is sticking a bit in its slide due to environmental dust build up.


Further research has shown that this can be an issue with some MX switches, certainly its not confined to the K90. Not guaranteed to work for everyone of course who may have other well documented on here issues, but its got to be worth a try if you are suffering from this, it may fix it for you!

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