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Survivor USB3.0 16Gb slow on Mac OSX


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Hey all,


I'm having problems with my Corsair Survivor USB3.0 16Gb flash drive. For some reason it only achieves USB 1.1 speeds on Mac OSX, but it works fine on for instance Windows 7 (around 20 MB/s write speeds).

I formatted the drive as FAT32 and HFS+ and in both cases I'm achieving only about 1 Mb/s read and write speeds.

Does anybody have a solution for this problem? Any help will be appreciated.


I have a Macbook Pro mid-2010 and I'm running Mountain Lion (10.8.2).


Thanks in advance,




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I didn't use an actual benchmark, but transferring a 1GB file(movie) to the USB, took about a minute.

I tested it yesterday on a normal Macbook from 2008, and transfer speeds were normal. A 2gb file took about 2 minutes. And afterwards on a Macbook Pro late 2011 (USB 2.0 port), and the transfer speeds were the same as with mine, also terribly slow.

When I check the system report on my mac, it shows that the USB drive's speed is up to 12 Mbit/sec, so USB 1.1. (see attached file)


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I am sorry as we do not do any performance testing on MAC so I do not have anything to compare it to. However if I understood your post correctly you stated it performs correctly on a Windows system, is that correct?
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