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Force 3 SSD failure


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Hi from the UK.


I have a Corsair 120GB Force 3 SSD which is not even 6 months old. I use it as a data (ie not a system) drive.


A couple of days ago it seems to have developed a fault whereby nothing recognises it. I have tried it now on two separate PCs, and have connected directly using a SATA cable directly and through a USB caddy. I can confirm the drive is getting power.


The drive is not being recognised by Windows at all, not in system devices and not in disk management. Therefore it's not appearing in Explorer either. That means I cannot run any kind of tool to examine the state of the drive.


So it looks like a failure. Has this kind of failure occurred before (I imagine it has) and is there anything I can do, as an end user?


If not, can I do anything to recover the data that is on it? I have a fairly recent - but not complete - backup, so would appreciate guidance on what I might do to recover it. I don't want to lose any of the contents if I can help it, but I appreciate it may be too late for that, and I should have had a full backup made.


This is a is slightly annoying problem - I moved to the SSD in the hope that it would be more robust than the mechanical hard drive it replaced... none of which have actually never failed on me!


Thanks in advance.



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Ok, there's nothing I can do... what chance of success might a data recovery firm have?


As I said I have a fairly recent backup, but if it's possible to get it all recovered, and won't cost too much, I'd consider that.


What likelihood is there of getting an RMA after it's been through a data recovery process?

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Recovering data off flash media devices is a difficult task or next to impossible. With the dead controller, there is really no chance in data recovery as the controller knows where the data is. Replacing the controller won't help as it will only ask you to format the drive or it either overwrites the data on the drive.
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