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600T are fan LEDs supposed to strobe?


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A dopey question and I'm assuming the answer is yes, but... I just powered up my new 600T silver Graphite series case and the front and top fan LEDs strobe! Not a huge problem (but a little annoying if you are an old geezer like I am).... just wondering if I should be looking at the mobo's +12v DC fan output or if this is the way it's supposed to be.


I really like this case although there is a little too much plastic in it for my tastes. I always worry that I am going to break something by putting too much pressure on a part... I'm a Motorcycle Mechanic where pretty much anything can be fixed by using a bigger hammer. Still, it's a VERY nice case and much better than the competitively priced Ultra that I used for my last build although the Ultra had virtually no plastic in it.


This (the 600T) case came with a free fan from Newegg which turned out to be good since the rear 120mm fan was DOA :( I've been using Corsair stuff for a very long time and this is my very first RMA so we shall see how that goes.


I'm not a "Fanboy" but I do appreciate that Corsair has always been very customer oriented... something you don't get from many Companies these days. FWIW, if all things are equal, I will ALWAYS bring my business to a firm like Corsair because I greatly value excellent customer service.

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Is the fan connected to the fan controller at the top?

If yes, Move the knob to max and see if the L.E.Ds strobe.


If it does, Try it on a motherboard chassis header.

If the L.E.Ds still strobe when plugged into the motherboard, request an RMA to replace the fan.

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Each of the two LED-equipped fans are plugged into a mobo (Intel D915GAV) fan header and both strobe. Each fan in a different header. I moved each fan to it's own 12v Molex and they no longer strobe. Apparently, these fans pull more current than this old mobo likes. I pulled the mobo out of an old chassis to build a test bed inside this case... the original PC had one 80 mm fan in it which ran fine.


The case 120mm rear fan (which does not have LEDs) was DOA, as I mentioned. I also purchased two 2-packs of AF-120 fans and one of those is quite noisy, especially for the first few minutes of operation. I'm wondering if Corsair is having a bad run of fans or something.


I had pretty much decided on going with a Corsair H100(i) cooler until I started reading about all of the problems people are having with those lately. Many of those complaints are fan related. Ditto for the AX1200 PSU.


Corsair has always had good support and I'm hoping that they do the right things to resolve my issues... as well as the issues of the many other unhappy customers I'm seeing in this forum. I've been buying fans for decades and can't remember the last time one failed on me. Of the 8 that came as part of this order, 25% turned out to be defective..... not a very good performance on Corsair's part. :(


I'll take it on faith (at least for now) that these LED fans will work in a late model mobo fan header. I'd really prefer to avoid using the manual fan controller, especially since so many people seem to be having problems with it. I prefer using Active Monitor or Speedfan rather than an open loop, manual knob scheme.


Many thanks for your suggestion!

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I might be going out on a limb but I'm guessing like any company they try to find ways to make things more cheaply to increase profit margins. Evidence would be lots of "lemon" parts.


That said, I have corsair ram, SSD, and wireless headset that i have no complaints with at all.


Fortunately the customer service seems to still be good, too.


I got my replacement fan controller for my 600T without much hassle at all.


(p.s. my replacement fan controller came yesterday. Thank you RAMguy)

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Simple and short answer is m8, "no", they're not supposed to strobe!!! Before my fan controller completely failed, I noticed that my 200mm LED's started to strobe on occasion. A replacement controller resolved that issue and made it quite clear that whatever was failing in the old controller was certainly related to power distribution, and in the end it completely failed.


However, you've already pointed out yourself what the probable cause is for your specific problems and issues. That being, your older Mobo is simply not supplying sufficient power to the larger 200mm LED fans. The chances of your fan controller also being defective is extremely improbable!!


You've purchased a high end case that features a good fan controller......


.....Why on earth bypass it and connect your fans directly to your old Mobo (that can't even handle the 200mm LED fans); Without at least trying your 600T's fan controller first???????


I'd really prefer to avoid using the manual fan controller, especially since so many people seem to be having problems with it.


They're not when all is said and done. Yes, there are a few threads and complaints of the 600T's fan controller failing here on these forums.....


.....But, don't forget to take into account that people VERY rarely post here on these forums to inform Corsair and those reading; "That they've installed all of their new hardware into their new 600T, and it all works perfectly".


Out of the many thousands of 600T's sold where an end user doesn't post here on these forums to let us all know that their 600T is performing flawlessly, we maybe see 1 or 2 complaints per month of a fan controller failing in a 600T.


Unfortunately, it's this negative aspect that you've picked up on from these forums, without considering that many, many thousands of 600T's are sold with fan controllers that are in perfect working order.


Obviously we don't have access to exact stats, but I'd wager that the failure rate for a fan controller on a 600T doesn't even reach 00.01% of all 600T's sold, and ultimately, only a minuscule percentage fail.


Essentially m8, get your fans connected up to your fan controller that has a dedicated 12v Molex, I think you'll find your problems will all be sorted, your LED fans will work properly, and you'll have far more flexible control over them than you are by connecting them to your Mobo :).


Good luck with it whatever you end up deciding to do.

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