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vx550w stange buzz sound while gaming from today


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hi, i changed CPU and Motherboard yesterday


CPU: e8400> changed with a i5 3570k

RAM: 4gb ram ddr3

PSU: corsair550w

MB: asrock g41m-s3> changed with asrock z77 pro3

VGA: gtx460 786mb

CASE: cm690

AUDIO: xonar dx

HDD: WB 500gb blue

Monitor: dell u2312hm (1920x1080)


and now when i'm playing some heavy games (for now it happen with hitman absolution and guild wars 2, i tried with dota 2 and skyrim but no sound)

i hear a strange buzz sound similiar to this: (one look the edit)


i think i always heard it even with the old pc but it never really bothered me since it was really low...


do i have to worry about it? i can live with the noise but i dont want to watch the psu die and bring with him some other component...


i tried to deactivate from the bios C1E and EIST option like the top topic said but nothing change


ps: i have the psu from 2 years


thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english


edit: i found the exact noise! its like that

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  • Corsair Employees
The video didn't show the noise you are referring to (maybe I just couldn't hear it) but regardless, it does sound like out of the ordinary. If the noise gets really loud over time, then please use the link on the left to submit an RMA. I don't think the PSU is nor will cause any damage to any components. Our PSU has an over voltage/current and under voltage/current protection built in to the PSU.
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could you please tell me how does that work before? im not native english speaker and i will have problems to talk on the phone, so i would like to know everything from before :P i googled a bit and i found this:


i call the support requesting an advance rma, they ask me for my credit number card and test it then they send a new psu and i have to ship mine paying myself the shipping money. correct? also, i'm gonna use the one you send me and stop or you gonna repair my old one and when it come back i have to send you the other psu at my expense again?


i hope you understand what i said lol, i'm sorry to bother you but its my first time doing a rma and if i have to pay 2 shipping wich cost like 30 euro from italy to you its better if i get a new psu...


thanks and sorry again for the many questions

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  • Corsair Employees
Yes you would need the RMA conformation and then call our customer service they will be able to answer all these questions. I am sorry but we would not have the answers for this as its not something we do. But yes you pay the shipping that does not change; Unless you work that out with customer service.
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