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Cursor movement problem on M60


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I recently purchased a M60 Vengeance mouse. On the first day everything was working like a charm, but on the second day the cursor was not moving anymore, the buttons were being recognized but no movement of the cursor at all.

I have update the firmare, installed the driver, done everything I could imagine, but none of them fixed it.

Then I tried changing my surface, then I realized that on a plastic surface the mouse moves only if I set the lift height to high.

My question is what is the problem with the mouse? On the first day was working on my wood desk now only in a plastic and High lift height setting.

Is there something else that I can do?



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Try a hard, dark surface.


"The Avago sensor found in the Vengeance M60 works best on a smooth, dark surface that is free of dust, dirt and oils."

Source: Vengeance M60 Software users manual.


Run the Surface Quality test with the plastic surface and see the results.

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Yesterday the wood desk gave me good result in the test, today only in the plastic surface I can get some result and it's as good as the wood yesterday (good at max!).


I have already tried with a black paper but still I don't get the cursor moving.


Thanks anyway.

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