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Is anything going to be done about the V2000 cracking?


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I come here yet again. Hoping to find some hope. I decided to go all out and put the cash down for a vengeance 2000 headset. My first pair lasted almost a month before the set cracked right above the ear cup. It took almost 2 weeks for my new set to arrive. Now its been about 2 months with this set and tonight one side just shattered for no reason and the other side has a hair line crack. I taped them up extremely well hoping they will last. I really don't want to have to pay another $20 for shipping and have to wait two weeks just to have another set break. Will this headset be fixed? Or will new sets just be sent to me until my time runs out and then Ill be forced to buy a new set? Judging by the amount of post, they have to know their is an issue right? I guess I'm going to send in another RMA as bad as I hate too. I love the products that Corsair makes and customer service is top notch but this headset's reliability is worse than Walmart specials.

I would like to add that I use a Corsair PSU and Corsair ram both for 9 months or so now without any issues. So that's why I am rather surprised at the trouble I am having.

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