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A couple of Questions about XMS 3500


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Hello everyone. this is my first post here..So bare with me.Please :p:

What I have is a Athlon A64 3200+ and the Asus K8V Deluxe..

I am currently runing Two Sticks of 512 XMS 3500 433Mhz


1st Question:

Will I be able to run another stick of 512 XMS 3500 (in the third slot)without having any conflicts?

The two sticks I have now are both CMX512-3500C2PT XMS3502v1.1 XMS3500 512mb 433mhz CL2 (BH5)

But they have different heat spreaders on them. One is Black (0304082) and the other one has the Platinum (0304074). Is there a reason for the different colors?


2nd Question:

I have a chance to buy another stick . The only thing different is the bottom number it shows (0316068) Is this something I need to be concerned about?


I just love this Memory and everytime I have a chance to get my hands on it,I want to buy it..


I running my memory 24/7 @ 220Mhz 2-2-2-5-11-16 Stable..


Thanks in advance

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  • Corsair Employee
AMD suggests DDR333 with more than 4 banks (2 double sided Modules), so you may have to slow the memory down with more memory! And there is no difference in the modules you have just the color! And the reason is some like it black and some like platinum!
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