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USB port not working in 400R series


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I have assembled the new 400R case. After setting up the full unit, I see the USB port in front panel is not working. Added to this 2 front fans are not spinning.

When I give the 3 pin point from one front fan directly to mother board I can see the fan spinning. So I felt its an internal cable fault!!


The front panel came with 2 USB connect wires to motherboard. One specified its USB 3.0 and other doesn't any(assume its USB 2.0).


my motherboard don't have an USB 3.0 support, so I connected only the one with usb 2.0 pin to motherboard.


All other buttons, power, restart, HD lights, Headphone, mic are working. But the toggle switch is not.


Am I missing any connection or its a faulty internal cable?

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