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Corsair h100 noise


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Hi, i believe the noise is from the pump


hard to describe it, but i've attached a audio file below although it doesn't record it very clearly.


I heard that you have to let it break in but its been 2 days now and its not getting any better.




Batch number:



If i have to rma, i'm also wondering how the cross ship works.


I also don't have proof of purchase so wondering if that's okay?

My first experience with corsairs rma department hopefully goes well.


Thank you.

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Id rather not unmount the radiator unless its to rma the cooler.


I want the unit to be working properly in the upright position like it was meant to be.


It's kind of weird i'm having this issue because i don't see many others with the same batch number which must mean that this is a new batch right?

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I requested an advance RMA and the parcel came today and they asked me to pay brokerage and other fees which totaled up to 24.xx????????????


When i requested the advance rma, you placed a temp charge which was ok but


I'm not paying that, so i told them to take it back to you guys



Why would i have to pay fees at the door and shipping back to you when the product was faulty?


It wasn't my fault that it made any noise and this is ridiculous, i'm not made of money.


I was okay with paying shipping fees, even though i shouldn't be paying that because the product was faulty but there is no way in hell i'm paying additional fees.


I always recommend corsair products because they're top notch but customer service is lacking really bad.

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  • Corsair Employees
Did you bring this up when you talked to our Customer service? AFAIK, shipping fees are normally covered if you are within the 30 days from the date purchased, but then again, only our customer service can determine if free shipping fees needs to be applied or not.
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it was a gift, was within 30 days.


However, i did talk to customer service and they told me that they'll redirect the package back to me and negate the brokerage fees this time.


I don't mind paying the shipping fees just to avoid the hassle.

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