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GA-EP45C-DS3R and 2 X 8GB


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I would like to upgrade to 16GB DDR3. (2 X 8GB)

this board is officially supporting up 4GB DDR3.

I have 2 X 4GB DDR3 CORSAIR XMS3 at the moment, and everything is working perfectly. will it work with 16 GB, as well (2 X 8GB) ?

if yes - which corsair will work in this case?

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my mobo is EP45C it is a special version with 2X DDR3 and 4XDDR2 slots

GA-EP45C-Ds3R does it make any difference to modules support?

Your MB may be able to use both DDR2 and DDR3 but that does not matter.


You can not get past the chipset limitations. That board will not run 8 gig modules. You MIGHT get away with 4x4 gigs but there are no guarantees.


I am suprised that Ga-EP45C-ds3r is working fine with 2 x 4GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3. The 8gb XMS3 module has exactly the same spec. like 4gb

Again, this is chipset limitations, specs of the modules have nothing to do with it. AS i stated earlier you would need a MB with the latest chipsets to take advantage or use 8 gig modules.


I have a X58 chipset MB which is a couple of generations newer than yours and and a couple older than the newest and my board can not use 8 gig modules either. It is CHIPSET limitations

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Your motherboard can support up to 16GB but has to be across 4 slots. 16GB / 4 = 4GB would the maximum size the DIMMs can support. 8GB DIMM support wasn't until P67 at the earliest (even P55/X58) did not support it so there is no way your P45 can do so as well.
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