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o/c w/ VS1GBKIT400 RAM on P4C800 Deluxe

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Alright, I did a search on the forum to see if anyone did post. Since I didn't find any, I'm posting it.


Here's my spec:

P4 2.4GHz C

ASUS P4C800 Deluxe (rev 1016)

1 GB PC3200 512x2 (VS1GBKIT400) 2-3-3-7 (or 8) [i know, so stop laughing]

ATI 9700 Pro 128 (PowerColor)

80 SATA 8mb Cache 7200 rpm western digital.


Currently the CPU is running only @ 33-34C running Zalman AlCU 7000


Since it the RAM does have a rather loose timing, I was hoping to keep it @ 1:1 and slowly move the FSB and Voltage up. Was wondering if anyone know this RAM will be able to get me to the 3GHz mark (or near it) even if I have to move it down to 5:4?


Cheers ;):

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I would say no chance.


use a divider to run the ram under spec. so you can find out if the CPU can run at 3.0g some don't. then you can go about running higher voltages on your ram to OC them. + looser timings.


however with a P4 you are better off having tight timings and a divider rather than relaxed timings & 1:1.


DC of course.

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