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Neutron GTX on old MoBo , possible ??


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Hello ,


I got Corsair Neutron GTX 120GB SATA 3 [ CSSD-N120GBGTX-BK ]



my computer is old

CPU : Core2Quad Processor Q9550(12M Cache, 2.83 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB)

mobo : GA-P41T-ES3G



so my motherboard is old with no SATA 3 and ACHI :[pouts:

but after searching around the internet i found that SSD drives can work fine on SATA2 with no problems at all but of course with the speed limit of the Sata2 3gb/s which is ok for me .


i got the drive installed windows 7 the problem now is the drive not working properly at all , i'm not talking about the speed i'm talking about constant lag/freez works for 2 seconds then 3 seconds freez and so on


is there any chance to get it work properly , i want to fix this lag coz it's unusable at all now ..


Thanks in advance , and sorry for my English

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In order to use the Neutron drive I would suggest it be in AHCI mode if your MB controller does not support that mode I would suggest using a PCI/PCI-E S-ASTA Controller.


I'm stucked with two old computers with Intel 82801EB Southbridge, probably not compatible with Neutron GTX devices. It was a surprise - AHCI is recommended but is NOT a requirement. To avoid more incompatibility problem, can you be specific on compatible PCI/PCI-E S-ASTA Controller or refer to technical reviews? Thanks.

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ok i upgraded my computer yesterday for the sake of this SSD drive

Mobo : Asus P8H77-v

CPU : Intel i7-3770

Ram : G.skill Sniper Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 1866 CL9 1.5V


everything works fine


did an ATTO test ,, is this the Optimal speed ?




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