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Corsair H100i LED going out.


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Happened to my H80i, the pump seems to be alright, but I think the electronic part handling the LED and Corsair Link died on mine (the LED doesn't light up anymore, tried connecting to different USB mobo headers, no luck in finding the H80i in Windows).

At least the pump still works...

The quality of these new units seems to be questionable.

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I am sorry, but I would get that unit replaced. Please use the link on the left and submit an RMA request.


How is it that a major issue like this is missed through your QA process? It doesnt inspire much confidence with Corsair given that the previous model also had serious problems.


I dont want to have to go through the process of RMA'ing a unit 2 or 3 times until I get one that actually works as intended.


Dont get me wrong, I actually want this product to be successful since I intend on building my PC soon.. but if Corsair cant get their act together and address these serious design flaws ill be going with a different brand.

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