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Ram Upgrade Help!


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Wanting to upgrade to 2GB Ram and need input on 2 or 3 best modules to get?


And should I put the new ones on slots 1 & 3, or just leave current ones where are?


Currently: Pentium 4 3.0E, D865PERL Intel Motherboard, 2 512MB Sticks of Corsair CMX512A 3200C2, Windows XP Professional.



Please help!!

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The absolute best upgrade path would be a new TwinX 2048mb kit of 2 1024mb sticks of RAM. If you add 2 more 512mb sticks to your existing sticks, you will need to add the EXACT same revision to ensure stable operation. And, I don't know of any vendors that will guarantee revision by internet order.


You could always save the 2 X 512mb sticks for another system, for spares, or put them up for auction.



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