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Corsair XMS DDR PC4000 2x512MB TwinX1024-4000PT

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for DDR400 the best stuff to get is the XL line. it IS rated at 2-2-2-5 @ DDR400.


the faster stuff always runs slower timings.


But the XL stuff OCs well. What system do you want to run it on?

That would be my suggestion also but, I wondered if the poster here already owns the RAM. If you have not purchased already, I'd go with the XL as AusTerro suggests. I have some and it is fast, especially in a dual channel MOBO.


Actually, if you don't already own the RAM, the best place to start would be what MOBO do you have or intend to use the RAM in. XL is not the best choice for every MOBO.



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