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Regretting buying Corsair


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I thought Corsair quality and service was top notch. That is what Corsair always tells us anyway. So we pay a premium knowing that their products will last and in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong they'll quickly make it right......at least that's what we're told.


HX750W PSU just over a year old, and it's crapped out. Funny thing is I have a 500W Ultra PSU that is now in my son's computer that has lasted for over 6 years with no hiccups.


Wouldn't be so bad if Corsair could replace my defunct PSU but as I ask for a cross ship I'm told it's out of stock and to call back in a couple days. My entire build is Corsair, case, memory, water cooler, etc. How many weeks, before the rest of these components crap out?


I'm sorry Corsair, but we buy and build computers to be reliable and available when we need them. This RMA BS of sending to California from Ontario and waiting for what will likely be 2 weeks for a replacement is unacceptable. Not to mention all I get as a response is "call back in 2 days"


Extremely disappointed. Hey Corsair what do you have from a customer service perspective to delight your customers? So far nothing distinguishes your products and service from anyone else.


Right now I am very much regretting buying Corsair products.

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry that happened but what was your case number and I will be happy to look into your case and see what I can do?

In addition, these things do happen but the failure rate is very low on this part less than .01% so while I do understand your frustration and I am sorry it is likely just bad luck.

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Thanks for the response.


My case number is 5337440. Funny thing is, went out and got a new GigaByte motherboard because I could not accept that my Corsair PSU had been the component that failed. Especially since the paper clip test still had the fan turn.


However, when I plugged it into my new board, same problem as with my old Asus MB, the motherboard gets power but will not power up. In fact my GigaByte board just constantly loops, trys to start, then shuts down, and trys to start again. Like an engine that cannot ignite.


Funny thing is I have shipping charges to send my PSU to Corsair and an additional restocking fee to return a new motherboard I never needed.

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My apologies but it seems I spoke too soon. I have determined that it was my 2600K processor that has failed. In fact my HX750W power supply is fine and has worked as it should in that it has protected my other components. There is no need to send this power supply back.


In fact I have recently purchased a Corsair H80i cooler for my build and TX750M power supply for my son's build.


Thanks for the offer to pay return shipping but I will not be needing this. Thanks Corsair.

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