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Desperate. Tenth USB drive in 3 years...


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I'm really getting desperate. I use a USB stick for backing up all my work data for school. In the past 3 years I had >10 usb sticks dying out on me. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I always detach the drive before removing it and don't do strange things with it. The only thing I have is a backup program that automatically backups the drive when I insert it and every 15 minutes after that. Could this be causing my drives being destroyed?


Yesterday evening it happened again. I bought in May this year a Corsair Flash Voyager 32 Gb. In July it crashed and about 2,5 months ago I received a replacement. I used that one until yesterday evening. When inserting it my drive suddenly was not recognized (which triggers all alerts with me, as this happened too often). I detached it, put it back and then it was there again. When doing a checkdisk it found 4500 lost files and most of my data was corrupted. When trying to copy everything from the backup back to the drive it couldn't write most of the files. Then I formatted the USB with standard windows format and now it's not recognized at all anymore...


I really am desperate. My colleagues call my the USB eater already :) Nobody I know has this kind of troubles. I don't dare to rely on USB for backup anymore so I use a backup program to backup my usb (sounds strange...). But that could maybe cause a lot of the trouble. What to do?


Btw. From the >10 drives that were destroyed in the last years about 5 were Corsairs. Other brands had the same problem.


I already had this problem also on my older laptop. So it is not related to the computer I use.

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