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400R: Front Fans and LED Lights do not work.


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I have built a new system. I have connected the Fan molex male pin to the PSU molex female pin. The two 3-Pin Fan connectors are also connected to the Y splitter that comes from the top of the front panel. However, on power ON, the front fans do not work. Neither does the Fan LED lights turn on even after pressing the LED light button on the front panel.


The other connections on the Front Panel, such as the Power LED and Switch, HDD LED, and USB 3.0 ports all work fine.


I really don't understand why only the fans and the fan LED switch do not work. I tried connecting the fan molex pin to other PSU molex pins to see if its a cable issue but still the fans didn't run.


For now, I have connected one fan directly to a sys-fan pin on the mobo. It works fine. This means that the fans are OK but not the fan cable/fan controller. But, I do not have a spare sys-fan pin on the mobo to connect the other fan, which is lying unused.


Can anybody resolve this issue? I want both the front fans running with the ability to switch on/off the fan LED light.

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The front fans should be connected to one of the leads from the fan controller that has the splitter on it. But it sounds like the fan controller is failing if its connected properly. Please use the link on the left and request an RMA and explain what does not work in the problem description and we can send a new fan controller.
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