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Corsair Force GT x3 in RAID 0 questions ...


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I gotta ask, because I need to know ........ I have 3 Corsair Force GT SSD drives, ALL 3 have different firmware on them


Drive 1 - version 1.3.3


Drive 2 - version 5.02


Drive 3 - version 5.03


How did this happen lol? I've been buying the drives slowly and finally decided to RAID 0 them using a High Point RocketRaid 2720SGL adapter.


They're running stable believe it or not with the 3 different revisions, my questions ARE:


can I flash the 2 drives that are not up 5.03 to that revision? HOW do I do it?

Is there a performance increase if all are the same revision?

Here's what I'm getting in Crystal Disk Mark:


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