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ASUS P6T Delux and CMZ24GX3M6A1600C9 Problem


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According to some compatibility guide and some internet posts ASUS P6T Delux V2 and CMZ24GX3M6A1600C9 should work together.


I have had no problm with the mobo recognize the 24GB of memory and Windows 7 boots fine (and also recognize the memory) but when runing memory test programs (X86MemTest, Memscope) I get failures (at a rate of 6-10 few per 24h testing) so it is not stable. I have also had some odd hangs / BSODs when runing video rendering etc so there are clearly real issues.


I have tested runing a few different BIOS "overclocking" setings (I do not overclock but that is the name of the panel where you set things related to the memory):


1. All on "auto" (I assume this should be stock speed)

2. Two different 1600 profiles (that suposedly should set voltages etc appropriate)

3. Manual with 1600 and 1.5V (as the kit claims to be tested with)

4. Manual with 1333 and 1.5V


but they all seem to give about the same amount of instability. The memory addresses reported as problematic are not the same from run to run and between different settings so I am more guessing this is a compatibility issue than bad memory sticks...


Any sugestions of setings and/or how I can determine if my memory sticks are bad or not?


I can also report that the board run 100% reliably (I did a one week test with Memscope) with 12GB (not sure of the part number but it is 6 x 2GB CORSAIR that was included in the box when I bought it).


P.S. I have upgraded to the latest available BIOS from the ASUS site.

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Just to add to yellow beards post you may also want to bump DIMM voltage to 1.6 @1600mhz as well if the bump in QPI to 1.25v doesn't help. You can also go as high as 1.35v on QPI IF you have to. But only add wht you need to make it stable.


Just out of curiosity when you enable the XMP profile, what are your QPIv being set to?

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