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new RAM sticks cause memory dump after leaving Sleep mode


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Hi, I recently attempted to upgrade my RAM from 4GB to 8GB. I entered my computer info into Corsair's memory finder tool, ordered the twin 2GB sticks it recommended, and clipped the sticks into the two empty slots on my motherboard. The computer booted up and ran noticeably faster for the entire day after the upgrade. The next day I woke the computer up from sleep mode and five minutes later I got a blue memory dump error screen and had to reboot. After the reboot the same thing happened (ran fine, crashed 5 minutes after leaving sleep mode the next day). After the second memory dump screen I was unable to boot up Windows anymore so I had to remove the new Corsair sticks.


Is there something I can do to troubleshoot the problem? Is there another set of sticks that might be more compatible? I figure I'd ask the experts before returning the sticks.


I've included below any info I thought might be relevant:



Velocity Micro-Edge E2250 Desktop w/ Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q9450



P5N-D Rev. 1.02G



MT1GHTF2566AY-800E1 200838 CBND7FP001

Country of orgin Singapore lead free

2GB 2RX8 PC2-6400U-666-12-EO

2GB, DDR2, 800, CL6




XMS2 — 2GB DDR2 Memory


800MHz 2048MB 5-5-5-18 1.80V ver6.2

Made in Taiwan


This is my first attempt ever to upgrade RAM on a computer so go easy on me (I'm a bit new to the terminology and process). Hope someone can help me out!

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Im wondering if this is matterr of the modules construction. Your old modules were 666mhz modules made from 124x16 IC ( i only found one page on those and forgot to bookmark it and now cant find it)and your new modules would be made from

256x8 IC's @800mhz and would make them incompatible.


Upgrading old machines like that are going to be hard because the chips used to make those modules are no longer in production or are hard to find.


It may be time to think about upgrading your machine instead of the memory, parts are going to be pretty hard to find with chipsets that old


You may want to look at this thread, it has the same chip set and may offer some more information.


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Thanks for the response and the info. From what I gathered from the thread you directed me towards and my very limited knowledge of upgrading to 8GB RAM my best option (other than buying a new computer) is to replace my old sticks with two sets of these:


Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X4096-6400C5 4GB Dual Channel Memory Module - PC6400, DDR2, 800MHz, DIMM, 240pin $55.00 tiger direct.


Can you confirm that that would be a viable option to try? If so, does the process involve more than just just plugging the new RAM into the right slots? Would it be best for me to pay an expert to handle the upgrade?


I appreciate any feedback and will keep an eye on the other thread in the meantime.

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Can you confirm that that would be a viable option to try?

Unfortunately, Corsair does not suggest or support mixing/combining memory because there are quite a few issues that can come from it. Corsair can not guarantee correct operation or rated speeds when two kits are used in the same machine.

Meaning that your 800mhz memory may have to be run at 666mhz if there are any differences between the two kits. If they will run together at all and there is that chance.


This is why Corsair does the vigorous testing they to package modules into kits of certain sizes. For best performance and guaranteed compatibility all your memory should come from one single matched kit and not two.


I know it sounds funny that two sets of the same exact part number could not work together... and a lot of people including computer shops will tell you differently, but just spend some time here in the forums and there are literally hundreds of users that have run into that exact issue.


If so, does the process involve more than just just plugging the new RAM into the right slots?

The process it self is pretty straight forward as far as removing and installing, but setting them up may involve adjusting some system voltages, which if you are not familiar with would be best handled by a shop.


I would just hate to see you take it somewhere and have them tell you it's okay to use two kits and then run into problems, costing you more in the long run. Because a lot of shops will. Either because they do not know or just don't care and want your money.


If you do decide to buy two kits just make sure where ever you purchase them from has a good return policy in case they don't work. Since Corsair does not endorse that practice there isn't much they would be able to do in the event it doesn't work, except RMA them , but then your facing the same situation with another two kits


So the decision is entirely up to you. DDr2 is just about end of life and these modules are going to be phased out soon. I understand about not wanting to put out the money for a new computer, but in this case it may be something you might want to seriously consider.

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