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striker extreme is making me crazy please help


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Hi everyone,


I got 4 CM2X1024-8500C5D memory sticks on my striker extreme with a Qx6850 core 2 cpu and it is totally unstable i am sure it is a problem with bios settings. the computer sees them as 800Mhz can anyone walk me through all of the bios settings to make this stable? not even thinking of overclocking at this point.



oh one more thing when i run with 2 sticks it is rock solid the second i add the other 2 it becomes unstable





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just a couple things i want to point out...

1) sounds like you are combining ram. (not supported) if they didnt come in the same package, having the same part# it totally irrelevant.


2) your board only supports up to DDR6400 (800 vs the 1066 ram you have) you will need to overclock to get to 1066 if it is even capable


3) running 4-up even from the same kit you will need to bump up the northbridge voltage a bit.


4) the memory controller on your CPU may be struggling with the 4-up config, you may need to bump a couple relevant voltages as well, make sure you have good cooling.


5) i have this board and in my experience it kills my inner child... it has so many issues i wound up just running my DDR800 @ddr667 just to get it stable. i hate it so bad i just gave the system to my 11yo son with 2 7900gt gpus and a quad6600. i have tried about 7 different BIOSes and 1901 seems to be the least troublesome running 4-up with a bunch of voltage bumps.


yes i kind of went on a rant but its because i do feel for ya, ive been there even with just a single pair of XMS or DOMs much less the QUAD2X4096-6400C5DHX i sold when it didnt work in this board. but it works fine in 2 other boards i tested it on.


anyway, see if at least the versions on the ram all match, read through the 2 documents linked in my sig below and prepare for trial and error to get the 4 sticks to work nice together at DDR800.


i truly wish you the best of luck!!!

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Those Nvidia chipsets in general were TERRIBLE with 4 modules, even at stock speed. You can most likely forget OCing.


My suggestion is to clear the BIOS and start back up with a single module. Enter the BIOS, and bump the memory controller voltage up 2 steps above the stock setting. Save the settings, power off, add the other 3 modules and see if this will get it stable at 800.

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i read this may work



AI Tuning : Manual

Nvidia GPU Ex : Disabled

LinkBoost : Disabled


FSB - Memory Clock Mode : Unlinked

FSB (QDR), Mhz :

Actual FSB (QDR), Mhz : 1333

MEM (DDR), Mhz : 1066

Actual MEM (DDR), Mhz : 1066


Vcore Voltage : Auto

Memory Voltage :2.1v

1.2v HT Voltage :1.2v

NB Core Voltage :1.40v

SB Core Voltage :1.50v

CPU VTT Voltage :1.25v

DDRII Controller Ref Voltage : Auto

DDRII Channel A Ref Voltage : Auto

DDRII Channel B Ref Voltage : Auto


tCL (CAS Latency) : 5

tRCD : 5

tRP : 5

tRAS : 15

Command Per Clock (CMD) : 2 clock (2T)


Advance Memory Settings


tRRD : Auto

tRC : Auto

tWR : Auto

tWTR : Auto

tREF : Auto

tRD : Auto

tRFC : 55T

Async Latency : Auto


CPU Spread Spectrum : Disabled

PCIE Spread Spectrum : Disabled

MCP PCIE Spread Spectrum : Disabled

SATA Spread Spectrum : Disabled

LDT Spread Spectrum : Disabled


CPU Internal Thermal Control : Enabled

Limit CPUID MaxVal : Disabled

Enhanced C1 (C1E) : Enabled

Execute Disable Bit : Disabled

Virtualization Technology : Enabled

Enhanced Intel Speedstep Tech : Disabled

LDT Frequency : 5x


can it hurt to try it?

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go for it!

i would disable C1E though, my NB volts are 1.45 and my SB volts are 1.6 and 1.3xx to my VCORE. thats almost identical to what finally got my rig up and "stable". (except im set to ddr 667 instead of 1066, the board specs only support up to ddr800 according to asus.)

worst thing that can happen is it wont boot and you push the cmos reset button :)

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Well it did not work the next Question is what memory can i buy that will get me to 4 gig with 2 chips and be Stable? on this board??



Yellowbeard said i should ask Ram Guy what the best 2 module kit would be for this 680i based MOBO would love to get it to 4 gig of ram if possible



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  • Corsair Employees
I agree with Yellowbeard it would be best to change to a newer MB using an Intel chipset. But about the only choice for this MB is TWIN2X4096-6400C5 or if you can find a set of DDR1066 modules they will work on this MB. But personally I would upgrade to a newer Core I5 chipset because with what you would pay for memory for this MB you could just about buy a New MB and CPU that was two times faster.
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