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CSSD-F60GB3A/RF2, bought one week ago, it works good, ATTO transfer rate: Write 461 MB/S, Read 568 MB/S.

Yesterday, update this SSD Firmware from 5.02 to 5.03, the Update Tool detect: Corsair Force 3 SSD, S/N, FW Rev.5.02, Signature 142-142-22790,

I chose the file 22790_fw.vic, a warning said "Automatic restart may occur... save unsaved data... click Cancel, otherwise click Proceed", I clicked Proceed, it responded a red X instantly.


Does refurbished version not allow to FW update? or something I have mistake?


System specs.

Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 - BIOS F12

FX-8120 @ 4.5 G

8 GB DRAM @ 1680MHz

SSD Force Series 3 Solid 60 GB Refurbished (FW 5.02) CSSD-F60GB3A/RF2 - OS

HDD 500 GB - Data

Windows 7 x64, updated

AMD AHCI win7x64 v1.2.001.0331, the most update version, enabled with BIOS.


FW zip download from this forum:

[ALL 60GB SandForce 5.03 firmwares can be found here

60GB Part 1.zip (3.39 MB)

60GB Part 2.zip (2.55 MB)]

Yellowbeard provided.

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Toasted & Yellowbeard, Thanks!

Yes! I roll back AHCI Driver from AMD to MS, then run update firmware again, it is successful, a Green V display.


MS AHCI vs. AMD AHCI, seems AMD is better for my system, so now, I reinstall AHCI driver to AMD. The FW5.02 vs 5.03 is no big difference.


AHCIs & ATTO transfer rate:

MS AHCI 6.17601.17514 - W452 R546 (FW5.03)

AMD AHCI - W468 R567 (FW5.03)


Before FW update:

AMD AHCI - W461 R568 (FW5.02)

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