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I am saddened yet relieved to find this thread to know I am not going crazy ..


I have the same issue .. but with the (2 x 8G) set



Although the Corsair policy to replace is nice, I am on my 2nd RMA ..

the first set would go 5-10 days before crashing..

the 2nd black has screened several times and has not made it more than 32 hours without a kernel panic.


panics occur during a normal workload .. browsing / writing emails / ftp

.. and the black screens have happened over night .. it goes into sleep mode normally .. i come in several hours later to find it unresponsive and super warm.


I don't think it is acceptable to sell a product approved for usage as is .. the full 16 gigs, and tell us we can only use 8.. if that is the solution..

I will happily send the Frys receipt and accept the refund from Corsair.. but I would rather have what I paid for, actually work.


Apple engineering is supporting the 16G capacity..

they are just telling me it is causing the panics and it needs to be replaced..


If this is going to continue to be an issue, I would hope everyone would keep sending it back until they find a permanent solution.

I just hope it doesn't damage my mac in the meantime ..



macbook pro

15' i7 2.2Ghz

late 2011

everything is up to date

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  • Corsair Employees
Apple has adamantly stated that no Mac Book Pro models will support 16 Gig of memory only 8 Gig MAX. We tested the CMSA parts at apple and passed their testing profiles so they should work but if there is some issue with the O.S. you would need to speak with Apple. We can try and replace them again at our expense but if there is some limitation on your system that may not solve the issue. I would check with your reseller and see if they will let you return them and purchase the modules directly from Apple in this case.
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