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64gb usb 3.0 drive doesn't work in usb 2.0 port


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I purchased CMFVYGT3A-64GB and it works fine in a USB 3.0 port. WHen I tried on a USB 2.0 port it worked for about 15 seconds and then it disappeared and has never worked again on a usb 2.0 port. On usb 3.0 it still works fine.


What can I do?



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Motherboard: P8Z77-V PRO


Lastest bios, chipset, etc etc. Windows 8 64bit.


Not recognised in a USB 2.0 port even in the bios so will definitely not be recognised in windows. Is there any tool to do a full reset of these devices as it did work for at least 15 seconds in a 2.0 port.

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