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problems with V2000


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whenever I have the dongle inserted in my system:


1. nba2k13 isn't loading.

2. there's a good chance that the system will experience a "delayed write failed" problems on external HDDs.

3. majikoi S isn't also working. (this is a visual novel) Here, I experienced a "don't send" error report and when I look at the more details, it seems it's culprit is dinput8.dll.


but if I remove the dongle, all these problems will go away.


I have the drivers installed in my system. OS is winxp sp3.


edit: uninstalling the driver does nothing. all problems remained.

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You probably are running windows XP


It turns out this is a common problem... Kind of aggravating considering the official specs say it supports windows XP when in fact it does not...


Here is the link I found... I posted a response to this and even emailed RAM_guy with no response as of yet...





Missed the part when you posted that it was windows XP...


If you run dxdiag, it probably fails as well... When I remove the dongle, my problems go away as well... But defeats the purpose of having the headset...

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well what do you know? dxdiag is crashing as per what you said.


this is obviously on Corsair's end.


I went to the said thread. This sucks but I guess Microsoft have stopped supporting winXP since, yeah, its already EOL. gonna migrate to win7/8 I guess?

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There isn't a workaround unfortunately. There may be a conflict with DirectX itself which causes these issues but with XP at EOL, and Microsoft no longer supporting the product, we can't work with them to see why this issue occurs for certain systems. In almost every case we came across, upgrading the OS solves all the issues so we believe it may be an issue with Windows XP itself.
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