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RAM BIOS crashing after setting to 1600Mhz


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Lets see if anyone can solve this one for me. Working with :

ASUS M4A87TD EVO - BIOS version 2001 (latest)

RAM - Corsair DDR3 4x4GB CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 (CPU-z says max bandwith is 667Mhz)


Never had an issue until the day I changed the BIOS settings for the RAM to operate at 1600mhz. Playing CS GO and keep getting random crashes or freezes that send me through the reset cycle.

Frequency is set at 1600Mhz and Timing row is set at 41 like it should be. Voltage stays the same 1.50V --->1.500V - wondering if setting the voltage to 1.65V would help stability or if thats something I should stay away from. Currently have Voltage set to 1.55V


Rechecked made sure I had latest Bios, reflashed just to be on the safe side and still am having issues. I know there are no error screens or any sort of overheating going on, checked components and updates. all is in the green.


I know I can set my RAM back down and TRC to 34 but hey whats the point if you got the power use it right?

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Correct the MB does support those frequencies, but it is still the CPU that determines the actual frequencies that you can achieve.


Your CPU has a max supported frequency of 1333mhz and like i said you would need to overclock the CPU to achieve memory speeds above the supported frequencies of the CPU.


I really would suggest you look for overclocking guides for your CPU to see what you need to set your CPU to get memory speeds of 1600mhz.


With AMD chips it's not as easy as it would be with an Intel chip that uses XMP to set the overclocking parameters for you.

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that is totally irrelevant im sorry to say, your CPU as Peanutz has pointed out, is solely responsible for your ram speed as the memory controller resides on the CPU.

its going to be trial and error to get your system to run over 1333.

also see chart for a better idea on your CPUs limitations. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/attachment.php?attachmentid=11296&d=1346784961

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