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TX650 v2 fan at full speed shortly after booting

Phantom Slave

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I just received the parts for my build last night. After putting it all together I loved how quiet the whole system was! At least for the first little bit. I began the Windows 7 install and left the room. A few minutes later i went back to my computer and it sounded like somebody had put a hair dryer behind my computer.


So I started narrowing it down and found the PSU to be the culprit! It's late so I shut down my computer and go to bed. This afternoon when I get home I turn on the computer and its nice and quiet for a minute, until windows loads and then the hair dryer comes back.


I've estimated that my system should be pulling 425 watts at full load, so why is the PSU fan on full blast when my system is idling? Even sitting in the BIOS screen it continues to run on full.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!




I just tried the whole paperclip in the green wire slot trick and the fan stayed on at full speed for the 60 seconds I let it run.

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That PSu should start up and have the fan at 100% for a few seconds and then either slow down or stop . that's the PSU running it's own self test of the fan.


If it is staying on at 100% all the time then i would suggest your either return it to your reseller or use the link on the left to request an RMA. It would appear that something went wrong with the fan controller.

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