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Can I LINK Out a 800D?


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I'm curious if there is anyway I can link out my 800d case. thinking of getting the cooling & lighting kit, h100i, ax1200i, dominator platinum, and 2x GPU Nodes. Is there anyway i can get it all mounted in the 800d?



Edit: i found this on another post wich awnsers my question perfectly.


Wondering what exactly the gpu node does exactly.

The GPU NODE is not needed if you have the AX 1200I PSU as it is already built into the PSU you just need to have the Link connected and then it will tell you how much power the 12 Volt rail is using.
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I was thinking on the back panel where u mount the screws for the optical drives.


that will be perfectly fine,id suggest using something like velcro to mount it in case you need to move it later on,the 2 sided tape works way too good and hard to remove

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