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Update SSD Force 3 firmware don't work


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Sorry if i don't write good i'm french :D:


I've got a SSD Corsair 3 120GB and i've problem with freeze and blue screen since a long time.


I've seen that update the firmware will normaly fix it. I've see all the instruction and download the last firmware and the field update tool.


I do all what the PDF say, all works. I see the SSD, select it, and select the good file (22788 for mine) I have the green checkmark at the end but when I "rescan for drives" the FW rev. is still the same 1.2


So what is the problem ? Someone could help me ?



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When the computer freeze, everything on the my screen block, all application doesn't works. I can do nothing exept turn off my computer...


The freeze are not regular that could arrive after 10 hours or 5 minutes with 6 or more application (Illustrator, Photoshop, Firefox, video..) or only one applicatin (not always the same one). There is no real rules of the freeze.


I don't think there is a led on the HD ? you talk about the SSD ?


here it is the screenshot, don't really know what does it mean and what mean the bad at the top :D:



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The HD LED near the power putton stay solid when it freeze.


It was a fresh install of Windows seven 64bt. I've build my computer next year with all new component. At first i had a Crucial M4 64 but after a couple of month this one was rapidly complete so i upgrade with the Corsair Force 3 but this one was a second hand... I've formated it and install windows with no problem...

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Back up all your data and secure erase the drive with Parted Magic and reinstall a clean version of Windows.


Note: A secure erase will permanently delete ALL data on the drive. It will also restore the drives performance and should also re-align the partition when Windows 7 is being installed.


These are the advertised speeds of the drive.

Max Sequential R/W (ATTO):

550 MB/s sequential read

510 MB/s sequential write

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